BIO[ 伝記]


My name is Kévin Arnould, and the first thing you need to know about me is that i am a video-games fan. This passion pushed me to draw and create my own universes. I started my creations and projects when i was rather young, thereafter, I applied to this specific field at school to become more professional. I followed a course at E-art sup during two years. I did many internships and commissions for private customers during my studies. Thanks to these projects, I acquired a lot of experiences, getting more flexible and swift in the fulfilment of my works. Even if I got my own art style, I am a rational person, able to adjust myself with customer’s requests.

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– 新海 誠 ( Makoto Shinkai )
– Gueuzav

– Krisztian Szadoczki
杉森建 ( Akihiko Yoshida )